Astonishing Spider-Man #2
Astonishing Spider-Man
Revelations Redux
Part Two
by Ryan Jent

"The murderous man some have believed to be a 'superhero' for a very long time, known as Spider-Man, was spotted recently in this very spot." A newswoman informed thousands through television.

Mary Jane was perhaps the most attentive watcher, "Oh, Peter. Please don't do this," she said silently to herself, knowing the results would bring nothing but pain.

The newswoman continued, " Norman Osborn's apartment. Thankfully, Norman Osborn is now under police protection, where Spider-Man can not harm him."

The camera's picture changed to Norman Osborn's face. "Luckily, I was on my way to visit a friend, when a police officer quickly got me to safety, informing me that monster Spider-Man was at my home." Wiping a tear, the madman looked away. Within moments, it switched back to the newswoman.

"Yes, Osborn is safe. But are you? We advise you to stay in your homes, locking all doors and windows. Spider-Man is still out there. Also--"

Mary Jane turned it off in disgust. Sighing, she prayed for her husband.

High atop a city building, the masked Peter Parker took a deep breath. He shouldn't have gone after Norman like that, but he did. Only making it worse. Thinking, he became sure he was set up to do this. Norman Osborn was one step ahead. He tried to think of one time in his life when he wasn't that step behind.

"Sometimes I think you're the only one that hasn't ever hated me, Ralph." He smiled over at the stone gargoyle he'd so often visited.

The grim look of the creature only made him feel worse. Perhaps he should just give up? No. He knew that wasn't what Peter Parker did. How many times has the public hated Spider-Man? he thought to himself. Countless times.

"What's different this time, Ralph?" he spoke aloud. Receiving the same answer as always, he shot off a webline to the next building. "I'll see ya." He smiled under his mask, swinging away.

The Daily Bugle.

Many moments in Robby Robertson's life have been filled with disgust. More than enough of those moments have been spent here. Working with J. Jonah Jameson has brought on many emotions through the years. Until this day, he has never been as disgusted with Jameson as much as he is right this very moment.

"Spider-Man did not kill that boy, Jonah!" He slammed his fist into Jameson's desk after charging into his office like a madman.

"Of course he did, Robby! Are you blind?!" Jameson snarled.

"How many times have you been proven wrong, Jonah? Come to your senses!" Robby viciously continued his argument.

"Get out of my office!" Jonah demanded, speaking in a tone even Robby had never heard.

"All right, Jonah." Robertson said calmly as he walked towards the door. He walked out, closing the glass door behind him.

Jameson had even shocked himself. He truly had such a hatred for Spider-Man, but he had rarely been so harsh on Robby just for voicing his opinions.

Liz Osborn fell to her knees on the soft carpet which covered the floors of her apartment home as two police officers walked out. The words of one of the policemen echoed through her head. "We'll do everything we can to find your son, ma'am."

"Is something wrong, my dear Liz?" a familiar, sinister voice came from the shadows.

"You?!" she shrieked, jumping to her feet in rage.

Norman Osborn stepped from the shadows, "Well. Nice to see you again, as well."

"What have you done with my son?!" she demanded, running at him. Thrusting her arms forward to strike him, her eyes grew wider as he caught them, holding her there.

"Little Norman?" A small grin emerged from his face. "How is he? Is he well?"

"You monster!" She struggled to strike him. "Where is he?! You may have destroyed Harry, but you will NOT have my son!"

"I'm going to assume you believe that I have little Norman?" Osborn chuckled. "It is more complex than that, I'm afraid."

"What?!" Liz demanded an answer. She flew forward, as Norman released her and stepped aside. He quickly regained her balance.

"You see, My dear," Norman smiled. "Norman is in good keeping. If you do not interfere, It will remain that way."

"You're putting your own grandson's life at stake?! Where is he?!" Liz fought back tears.

Osborn sighed, getting bored. "Liz, I want you to listen to me. I would never harm little Norman--"

"--I'm supposed to believe you?! Look at what happened to Harry because of you!" she interrupted.

"ENOUGH!" His massive hand smacked her back. "I shall save little Norman's life! His captors will be destroyed. By myself. Keep in mind, my dear, if you keep out of this, I will be able to obtain him. If not, he will surely perish. Your decision... What is it?"

With mixed feelings, Liz Osborn grimly shook her head.

The next morning, at the Parker home...

"I don't want you going to school today, MJ," Peter told his wife, sipping his coffee.

"I'm going," she told him, slipping on her windbreaker.

Looking up at the woman he loved, he continued. "You think Osborn doesn't know where we go to school?!"

"I'm not going to live in fear, Peter!" Mary Jane said harshly.

"...." Parker was speechless.

"You should be going too," she muttered. The concern in her voice was as present as ever.

Again, she received no response.

"I'll call you, Tiger," she said, kissing him on the cheek before walking out of the room, and finally, out of their home.

With a long sigh, Parker stood and walked to his room. He pulled open his closet door and looked through a few things. He pulled out his Spider-Man costume and was quickly web-slinging out the window.

She looks over the building to the busy streets below. Taking in a deep breath of air, she's reminded of just how much she loves this city. The height doesn't bother her anymore. Felicia Hardy is no young school girl any longer. The Black Cat turns at the man's voice behind her.

"Hello, Cat."


"Yeah. It's me." Spider-Man stepped out from the shadows, a smile under his mask. "I need your help."

"When don't you?" she grinned, stepping closer.

"It's Osborn."

"Oh?" She tackled him to the ground. They both lay there still.

"No time for games, Cat." He began to sit up, but she pushed him back down.

"I'm sorry, Spider," she sighed, stepping back as a net flew through the air and entangled Spider-Man.

Looking up, he saw the Green Goblin tossing a gun which had fired the net away. "Meet my new partner, Peter!" he laughed.

Next Issue: Has The Black Cat really betrayed Spider-Man?