Astonishing Spider-Man #3
Astonishing Spider-Man
Revelations Redux
Part Three: A Hero No More?

by Ryan Jent

Even as Spider-Man looks onward at the Black Cat, and the Green Goblin, who it seems are now working together, the man has to doubt this. How? Why? Just several questions that pop into his head before he speaks. "Cat?!"

Other than answer him, the woman known as the Black Cat only turns to the Green Goblin with a sigh, and a question. "I helped you, Goblin," she began, "Where's my money?"

"Ha!" The Goblin spat out, now hovering closer to them on his board.

The Black Cat knew what this could mean . . . but pushing back the thoughts, she urged on. "My money, Osborn."

"Business after pleasure, my dear," The Goblin smiled, "And the pleasure is just about to begin." He pulled a long knife from his belt and lowered to the ground, approaching our netted hero.

"You promised you wouldn't hurt him!" Felicia cried out.

Rolling his eyes, The Goblin replied. "I lied."

Moving forward, the Goblin could only grin as he looked down upon his prey . . . While the Black Cat's mind raced with problems.

"Wait!" Felicia finally called.

Turning, Osborn smiled. "I'm not sparing him, Girl."

"Just.. let me say goodbye."

"Make it quick."

Stepping in front of the mad man, The Black Cat finally kneeled before the Astonishing Spider-Man, a look of sorrow upon her face. Whispering, she finally spoke. "I loaded the gun that fired this net, Spider."


"That's enough!" Osborn pushed her aside, and the knife arose in his hand, ready to strike down on Spider-Man.

Spider-Man finally realized what the Black Cat was telling him. She hadn't betrayed him, No, but she'd saved him.. and given him the opportunity to take Osborn down. He stood, ripping away the net, which had obviously been sabotaged by Felicia.

"What?! That net can not be destroyed! How?! It doesn't matter!" Osborn lunged forward, tackling Spider-Man to the ground. With a swift kick, The Goblin flew through the air and landed hard on the ground once more.. Spider-Man standing victorious.

"Give it up, Osborn. I'm taking you down."

"Not without help," The Black Cat grinned.

"He's mine, Cat. But thanks." Spider-Man flipped forward, kicking the downed Goblin.

"Fools!" Osborn cackled, pushing Spider-Man back. "You don't know who you're dealing with!!"

"But we do!" An echoed voice rang through Osborn's ears, a swat team not far away from the three. "Drop all weapons, Osborn." The leader spoke through a bullhorn.

The Green Goblin stood up, Spider-Man and Black Cat stepping back. He had no reply.

"NOW!" The swat team's leader commanded. "Or we take you down by force!"

Osborn found it hard to find the words in which to speak with, even as he began to back up.

"I'm going to count to three, Norman." The man informed him.

"Time to go, Cat." Spider-Man whispered.

"Already on it, Spider." She grinned, pulling him off the roof.

"You don't waste time!" He smiled under his mask, firing a strand of webbing from his wrist, holding her in his arms.

As they swung away, they heard gunshots. "Thanks, Cat."

Peter Parker walked into his home carrying the largest grin he's had for a long time with him. "Honey.. I'm home!" He yelled, shocked at his corniness.

As he walked into the next room, he found himself dumbfounded. "NO!" He screamed at the sight. Before him lay a room in ruins, not one thing left untouched by destruction.

With instinct, he ran upstairs quickly. "Mary Jane?! Aunt Anna?!" Growing more nervous by the second, he got no reply.

Charging into his bedroom, he found the wrath of destruction had destroyed it, too. Alongside several Spider-Man suits which lay upon the floor, are broken pictures and other meaningless and meaningful items.

Wasting no time, an enraged Peter tore through the apartment like a wild beast, searching for his wife or aunt . . . and failing miserably.

Hours Later.

"We're doing everything we can, Mr. Parker," a policeman said grimly. "Your wife and aunt will be found.. I promise you that."

Offering no response, Peter only frowned.

A second officer spoke as well. "This is hard, kid. But we'll search until they're found.. I swear it."

This time, Peter spoke up. "Thank you, officers." He shifted his weight, looking around the dining room the three stood in. Police tape blocked people from getting in the home easily, and spread out were many other officers. Parker had made sure to hide any trace of Spider-Man, however.

Of course, he wasn't satisfied. His wife and aunt were missing. Could it be linked to Spider-Man? Another villain? Or was this all just common?

The Daily Bugle

J. Jonah Jameson walked into the main Bugle room. "All right all you dopes! Moira MacTaggert is dead!* Find out everything ya can about it. I want articles! Pictures! Theories! This is gonna be tomorrow's big story! Now, Get on it!!"

*(As detailed in New Marvel’s Excalibur #114 -Murderous Ry.)

Liz Osborne's Home.

The widow of Harry Osborn picks up the phone instantly, "Hello?!"

"May I speak to Liz Osborn, please? I'm calling about Beck-lady perfume, Something no woman should--"

With a loud slam, the phone is back in it's place. She hasn't heard anything from Norman Osborn, her one-time father-in-law, who she had made a deal with to get her son back. He had convinced her that the Goblin wasn't behind the kidnapping, but someone else, and that he was going to get his grandson back..

. . . But was he telling the truth? Little does Liz Osborn know that not long ago, Osborn was taken into custody, revealed to be the Green Goblin. Would she ever see her son again? That's just one of the sorrow-filled questions she'll be asking herself when the news breaks of Norman..


"We are glad to see that you have awoken, Mary Jane." The deep voice rang through Mrs. Parker's ears. She'd heard it before.

Straining her eyes to see into the darkness was something she wish she hadn't done . . . as she sees . . .

"We are Venom, as I am sure you know by now." The large man stepped from the shadows, fully encased in his venomous form. "We decided it best to strike now, attacking the core of Spider-Man . . ."

"His family," Mary Jane thought, and may have even spoken if she hadn't of been gagged. She pulls at the rope which bind her, and loses any hope of escaping on her own. As for now, she could only hope her aunt, the woman beside her, would remain asleep.

The massive man turns at a sound, "We must investigate.. We trust you will stay here." Leaping away, he leaves the two in the dimly-lit room.

The Next Day.

Spider-Man looks down at the two cowering men encased in webbing who he'd tied from the large pole he now sits atop. "Y'know boys, I think I've seen you two before."

"N-No! We ain't ever met'cha!" One of the thugs yells.

"Hm.. Well, Alright. If you say so. Remember to tell the Police hi."

Swinging off, Spider-Man thought to himself. "I've got to keep myself together.. Mary Jane, Aunt Anna.. They're out there, somewhere.. And the Police.. They're looking for them. It's.. It's not enough. I could try the Avengers.. Cap's always ready t'help me.. Or maybe I could give Johnny a call? No. It's too personal.. It'd make it too easy to figure out who I am behind this mask. There are plenty of places I could check.. The Doc.. anybody." Sighing aloud, he swings on. "Whoa!" He shouts as he slams into a massive being, obviously some sort of strong metal.. Our hero should watch where he's going."

"Thank god!" a young woman shouts as she looks above. "It's Spider-Man! We're saved!"

"Uh, Sorry buddy. I don't usually get a lot of traffic up.. here?"

-[Mutant designate: Negative.]- The Prime Sentinel shifts, moving around Spider-Man. -[Mutant Designate: Positive. Surrender Mutant, or be destroyed.]- It seemed to be talking to the young woman below on the sidewalk.

Now hanging from a web attached to a building, Spider-Man watched as it lowered to the ground. "Hey now!" He said, leaping onto it's back. "I'm sure you wouldn't want to hurt that little lady down there, would you?"

With no response, the sentinel threw Spider-Man off of him, still lowering to the ground. The woman froze in horror.

-[Mutant: Surrender or be eliminated.]-

Spider-Man landed on the ground with ease and agility, and ran forward, flipping up and landing once more between the woman and the Sentinel. "I'm sure we can work this out.."

"I-It keeps sayin' I'm a mutant!! It's tryin' t'kill me!!" The woman explained to Spider-Man.

Rolling his eyes under his mask, Spider-Man began to talk. "When will you guys learn? Sure, some mutants can be a real pain.. Cough-Wolvie-Cough, But.."

The woman shrieks as Spider-Man dodges the latest attack, lasers flying everywhere. Grabbing the woman, Spider-Man jumps on the building behind them, climbing up. Reaching an acceptable height, he dives off, webslinging down the street. Finally, he stops on a rooftop.

-[Surrender or Be Eliminated.]- The computeristic voice chimes in behind them. Turning, Spider-Man makes his decision..

..and acts.

With an array of webbing, the Prime Sentinel's entire head is covered. Before the Sentinel can react, it's flying above them until it slams into an old wooden water tower.

-[Error: 3245124120014010101.]- Is all the two hear as Spider-Man swings away, water rushing over the building.

"It shouldn't cause too much damage to those below," Spidey told the woman he held with one arm, the other arm controlling the web slinging. "I love conveniently knowing where all the old-good-for-destroying-the-bad-guys water towers are." He chuckled.

"Uhm.. Thanks." The woman smiled.

"No problem. It's my job. What's your name?"

"I'm," She hesitantly spoke, "Just call me Kari." The woman smiled.

"Kari? Okay. Hopefully, I won't have to see you again under these circumstances. Here's our stop." He dropped her off in an alley which they had swung above. Walking to the street, she waved.

Swinging off once more, he was glad he'd gotten his mind off of his wife and aunt, but now the pain had returned.. He had to find them..

..And now was the time to look.

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