This was my first attempt at fanfic. It was also supposed to be the beginnings of a quickly aborted fanfic site, Project: Marvel Remix. The concept was too much like the rest of the Marvel fanfic sites out there, and had no real distinguishing characteristics except for the continuity cutoff date.

-Chip Caroon

Uncanny X-Men # - The Dream (The X Remix prologue)
Uncanny X-Men #372 - The Nightmare of Reality (The X Remix Part One)
X-Men #92 - A Shattered Team (The X Remix Part Two)
Uncanny X-Men #373 - Cry Havok (The X Remix Part Three)
X-Men #93 - New Dawn (The X Remix Part Four)
Uncanny X-Men #374 - The Fire of the Phoenix (The X Remix Part Five)
Wolverine #144 - Endings and Beginnings (The X Remix epilogue)
X-Men #94 - Cold Reunions
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