DC/Marvel: The Merging
Rating Pending
PGFor Mature Readers Only
Crisis on Merging Earthsvarious
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.Toby Kernan
Avengers LeagueBob Young, Chip Caroon, & Black Condor
BatmanBlack Condor and Luke Morris
Captain AmericaJohn Phillips
Cosmic AdventuresSpace anthology
DCM ShowcaseGeneral anthology
Detective ComicsMystery anthology
Doom PatrolBob Young
ExcaliburPaul Hahn
ExilesPaul Hahn
Fantastic FourBob Young
Flashde Joya, Young, Phillips, Caroon, and Condor
Generation NextS.M. Shook
InhumansBob Young
Iron ManBlack Condor
JLABob Young
Legends of the Avengers LeagueBob Young, Toby Kernan, and Black Condor
Losers Weekfifth week event
Midnight SonsChip Caroon, John Phillips, and others
Mutant Massacre Secret FilesPaul Hahn
Oliver Queen: NomadToby Kernan
OutsidersDavid Sopko
Return of the GodsToby Kernan
The Shadow 2000Chip Caroon
Strange TalesHorror and mystical anthology
Spider-ManChip Caroon
StarjammersPaul Hahn
Twilight of the GodsToby Kernan
Visionaries: Mutants and MysticsChip Caroon
Week of Doomfifth week event
Wonder WomanKevin Maxwell
X-MenChip Caroon, Paul Hahn, and Ritchie Filippi
Young JusticePaul Hahn
Young Justice: Paradise LostPaul Hahn
Ultimate CrisisBob Young, Chip Caroon, and others

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